The Big Data Show

The Big Data Show

The Big Data Show will be performing next at the Abertay University cyberQuarter in Dundee, between May and September 2023.

About The Big Data Show


In 1984 Rupert Goodwins, a teenage ethical hacker, hacked the email account of Prince Philip along with some friends. At a time when cybercrime didn’t exist, two of the group of friends were convicted of forgery, at Southwark Crown Court, but were later found not guilty by the House of Lords. This case kickstarted the UK’s cybercrime laws with the Computer Missuse act of 1990.


The Big Data Show is a ground-breaking, immersive theatre experience using performance, gaming and digital magic, which tells that story, and explores the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital world.


Taking place over the course of one-day, The Big Data Show is is comprised of two workshops and an interactive digital show, designed to educate young people across the UK in cyber vulnerability.

You can see The Big Data Show next at the Dundee cyberQuarter.




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It was excellent...[my daughter] pure lit up while watching the actors and playing the games and puzzles. Was really cool to see that as I was sitting next to her.

Audience member

Had a tremendous time watching #TheBigDataShow today. It’s so packed with quirky details and a fab soundscape...

Audience member

I was really impressed with the way Civic Digits had considered the way their audience interacts with multiple screens as standard and how they embraced this in their performance...a deeply immersive and entertaining experience.

Audience member

Cybersecurity is a challenging subject to engage people in: it is largely invisible and the threats can feel very far away; approaching it from the perspective of a hacker, therefore breaking down who has the right to design, shape or benefit from the internet was a really unique approach and made me consider cybersecurity in a way I had never done before

Audience member

Just finished watching the show with my 13-year old son, who really enjoyed it. Very clever and brilliantly paced.

Audience member

Creative Team

Co-writers Clare Duffy & Rupert Goodwins
Director Clare Duffy
Art Director Ana Inés Jabares-Pita
Sound Designer & Composer Susan Bear
Editor & Animator Iain McCall
Project Manager Robyn Jancovich-Brown
Executive Producer Suzy Glass
Performers Cindy Awor & Kim Allan
App Developers Two Tails Indie Game Studios
Web Developers Fox Dog Studios
Original App Developers Orthurus
Additional filming Ruth Barrie & Glenda Rome of Waltzer Films
Production Manager Chris Hay
Technical Manager Andrew Kirkby
Press & PR Magda Paduch for Cornershop PR
Marketing Helen Eragona
Access Consultant Dalton Weir
Creative Technologist Libby Odai
Co-produced by Perth Theatre at Horsecross Arts and Unlimited Theatre
Presented as part of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework

With thanks to:

Rob Schifreen
Keith Lockstone
Dan O Donnell
Alistair Kelman
Chris Lewis

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